$7.35 Million Water and Sewer Project

The East Aldine Distict – Service Zone 11 Water and Sewer project is a $7.35 million infrastructure investment that is the first stage of bringing clean water and sanitary sewer service to up to 1000 new customers, most of whom currently rely on shallow wells and overstressed septic systems. This project will also contribute to the continued economic development of the area by providing much needed utilities where none currently exist, as new businesses are expected to open and existing ones are growing.

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11 Comments to “$7.35 Million Water and Sewer Project”

  1. adrian says:

    Can you give me a projected day when i can expect water and drainage in my address in this location? Thanks

  2. George Rubio says:

    Will my adress be included if so when will my street be included?

  3. Jorge Rubio says:

    I have a house on 5035 Gaston, Houston Texas 77093. Will it be included in the sewer and water project, if so when will it be included. Thank you

  4. Margarita says:

    I have a house on 2432 Hartwick houston, texas 77093 will my street be included in the sewer and water project.

    • Lukie says:

      When I lived in Sierra Leone, we didn’t have running water and we only had two small bucktes per day for four people – showers, flushing the toilet, everything. It really opens your eyes to not only how lucky we are to have such access to water, but also how wasteful we tend to be. Before I left, my average shower time was close to 20 minutes; now it’s more like 7. Small changes like that could easily be made by the vast majority of Canadians with absolutely no impact on their own quality of life, and a potentially life-saving impact on others around the world.As always, thanks for posting, Busta.

  5. laura says:

    I live near hardy and hopper…….Will sewer and water project be there soon?? This area is in a major need of improvement in the area of sewer and water. In some situations is like living in poverty due to the lack of services provided to our community. Last year we wanted to improve our water by doing a new water well and two companies where not able to service us due to the lack of good underwater. One company came and drill but was not successful. It’s frustruating to have the money and not being able to get a service. Calling to water companies and the city we has been unsuccesful. I hope you can make a change for my area of where i live. Just want to say that I am glad that the management district is making good changes to better our community hopefully soon I can benefit from the change too! Thankyou

  6. Ann says:

    Okay so I live in 825 Gulf bank Rd 77037 it’s some trailer parks named ROSEWOOD and my problem here is that I know that aldine gives free water but the maneger here still charges like 50 or 60 a month and we do not have any leaking going on my question is how many gallons of water does aldine gives you and how much does it charges you per gallon if I use more than what it gives me?

  7. Gayla landrum says:

    Will the park wood subdivision get water and sewage? When? That is area south of Aldine bender and west of lee road.

  8. Gayla landrum says:

    Are you going to start up free trash pick up days? Some people on neighborhood are piling trash near road. They think you will pick it up? Old furniture, downed tree limbs, etc. please advise as to what I can do about this. It looks trashy.

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