The District’s 10 Year Report

Prior to formation of the District, East Aldine was a nearly forgotten semi-rural unincorporated area with high crime, virtually no county services, aging and inadequate utilities, poorly conditioned streets and virtually no sidewalks. With the help of District funding over the past 10 years the District is becoming totally transformed into a vibrant community that is attracting investment in new residential communities, industrial construction and other commercial businesses.

What sets this new district apart from some 30 others around Houston is that it lies completely in an unincorporated area of Harris County. This part of Aldine has traditionally enjoyed a lower tax rate, which is good for development.

As we enter our 10th year, the District has expanded to include the area north of Aldine Bender between JFK Boulevard and the Hardy Toll Road and a small portion to the west of the District which includes the Colonial Hills Subdivision. The District was also granted legislative authority to call for an election to collect an additional one-cent sales tax in the area east of Highway 59, bounded generally by Hirsh, Lee and Langley Roads. The sales tax, if approved by the area voters, would fund water and sewer and other infrastructure projects in the service area.

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