Congratulations to everybody!
FFA Choice: #5 Robert Ragan
Best Overall: #42 Ricardo & Katie Solis
Best Club: Solid Car Club

Low Rider
1st Place: Samuel Galaviz
2nd Place: Abraham Romano
3rd Place: Grace Valverde

Hot Rod
1st Place:
2nd Place: Mikey Rios

1st Place: Elliot Santana
2nd Place: Rose Garcia
3rd Place: Daniel Alvarado

1st Place: Manuel Ramos (absent, accepted by Bubba Kingston)
2nd Place: Shakierra Rogers
3rd Place: Kayla

Original Classic
1st Place: David Car
2nd Place: Jacob Castaned
3rd Place: Alfredo Cruz

Custom Classic
1st Place: Ricardo & Katie Solis
2nd Place: John Lopez
3rd Place: John

New Stock
1st Place: Nicolas Guajardo
2nd Place: New York
3rd Place: Alexandra Kirk

New Custom
1st Place: Carlos Camacho
2nd Place: Jose Reyes
3rd Place: John Kirk

1st Place: Jaylnn Black
2nd Place: Alyssa Botello
3rd Place: Nicolas Guajardo

2nd Annual MacArthur FFA Car Show from East Aldine District on Vimeo.

Take a look at the pictures from the MacArthur FFA car show held on Saturday, April 1st.