The East Aldine Art Council (EAAC) in conjunction with the East Aldine Management District is creating a landmark mural to be installed in the lobby of the brand new EAD building at Town Center. This important mural is meant to tell the story of the history of the Aldine area from the early days of the native people and first settlers to the modern day story of the schools, businesses, and residents that make up the fabric of this vibrant community.


We want to invite the community to share with us vintage photographs of the places in East Aldine that were (or are) important to you!

So look through your old family albums and ask, mom, dad, grandpa and grandma what they remember most fondly about East Aldine. We mainly are looking for photos that include businesses, restaurants, stores, hang-outs, or festivals, school events, cultural activities, etc. Photos of main streets such as Aldine Mail Route and Aldine Bender… anything that you think is quintessentially East Aldine!

Photos from every decade are welcome… the older the better! We might even use your images to inspire the final mural product.


Send Your Photos
Send your photos to EAAC@AldineDistrict.org

Call for photos will close on July 31, 2020.

By submitting images you hereby grant the East Aldine District a non-exclusive, irrevocable license for each image submited in all media for any use in connection with the Mural and District marketing or promotional collateral.