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We’re working to help businesses grow, maintain or expand within the East Aldine Management District. Keep an eye on this page as we continue to add insights and resources to help you build your business.

New business opportunities bloom in rooted East Aldine

In the last decade, the population of East Aldine’s Retail Trade Area (RTA) climbed by more than 10,000 to 159,529 people. And the count is projected to speed up, reaching some 168,508 by 2026. (The RTA includes the the District and adjacent neighborhoods from which District businesses draw customers). The area’s population is 72 percent Hispanic.

East Aldine’s ready-for-business mindset reflects its history

The area’s history — especially its role as home to hardworking immigrants from Germany, then Latin America and elsewhere, for more than 100 years — is a key part of its current status as a growing, business- friendly place with plenty of economic development potential.

District’s special patrol force boosts safe business environment

The contract provides crime-fighting work by a lieutenant, three sergeants and 17 deputies. The officers spend at least 70 percent of their shifts working inside the district and the rest in nearby parts of the county.

Many East Aldine residents take a crafty approach to success

Whether it’s in baking cakes and cookies from home, tailoring dresses, or cooking for food trucks, the number of self-employed people in the U.S. jumped during the pandemic. The trend remains robust as many people, especially women, have found that self-employment often offers more flexibility, control over their own schedule, and higher job satisfaction, compared to other jobs.

East Aldine speaks multiple languages of success

Multi-lingual business owners and employees can better problem-solve for a diverse customer base and build rapport in the local community, helping to attract and retain new customers. This situation is especially true in East Aldine, where some 80 percent of the area’s growing population is Latino and most people speak some Spanish.

East Aldine learns the art of capitalizing on the arts

“We want to make East Aldine an arts-centric-destination,” Silva said. “Promoting art and having art installations will spur the interest of visitors and local tourists. Drawing people into the community will have a positive economic impact. This is done by providing a platform for local artists, and creating a place where art is accepted, embraced, and encouraged.”

From Pre-K to college, District’s educational strength leads to success

There are more than 60,000 students in the award-winning public school system. At the East Aldine Town Center, there are nearly 1,000 students enrolled at the Lone Star campus and hundreds of learners of all ages enrolled in language, fitness, arts, business, and citizenship classes at BakerRipley’s branch.

At crossroads, district is in right place and time for business

For entrepreneurs and other business owners looking to set up shop in the Houston area, East Aldine is a prime spot due to its location and proximity to some of the city’s top destinations, transportation hubs, services, and amenities.

Elected officials steer fresh resources to East Aldine community

By enriching the entire community, the latest upgrades are a boon to new and potential businesses in the growing area with deep-seated roots in the Latino community.