PUBLIC SAFETY & SECURITY – Harris County Sheriff’s Store Front Office

The East Aldine Management District Sheriff’s Store Front is currently being operated out of the main offices of the District at 5333 Aldine Mail Route. The office is open during regular business hours Monday through Friday and staffed by Deputies from the Community Services Division. Citizens can walk in to make a report, request department assistance, or obtain literature or information on a variety of crime prevention and public safety related issues. In addition, there are numerous Sheriff’s investigative units housed at the store front that also serve the community.

Working Smarter: DRT comes to East Aldine District

East Aldine has created the first Differential Response Team, (DRT) for the Harris County Sheriff’s Office! Comprised of three deputies and one sergeant, the team addresses many of the community’s most chronic issues, conducts investigations ahead of potential Chapter 125 Nuisance Abatement actions and investigates a wide variety of community problems both civil and criminal in nature with the goal of providing permanent solutions.

DRT activities may be focused on chronic drug trafficking in specific neighborhoods or apartment communities, illegal game rooms, illicit dump sites and junk yards, sexually oriented businesses, local serial crime, organized gang activity, and homeless/panhandling issues.

Permanent solutions require collaboration and partnerships. DRT builds working partnerships with sheriff’s specialized units, outside law enforcement agencies, county attorney, district attorney, health department, EPA, local charitable and faith based organization, as well as local citizen groups. Such partnerships prove to be powerful, creative, and build community support.

Reactive Patrol Initiative

The District deploys six patrol deputies with two assigned to day shift & four assigned to evening shift to increase reactive law enforcement presence and reduce call hold time. All personnel are supervised by the DRT supervisor who maintains authority to divert all contracted personnel to address serious or chronic problems in real time. In total, the district employs nine Deputies and one Sergeant to protect and serve the community.

Real Time Crime Center

East Aldine Deputies regularly interface with the Sheriff’s Office Real Time Crime Center which assists Deputies on daily operations and investigations with intelligence data and research as situations unfold. This serves to advance investigations at a faster pace and keep operational personnel safe.

The District also:

  • Contracts with the Harris County Attorney’s Office to conduct Chapter 125 Nuisance Abatement -Investigations and file suit to remove illicit businesses from the area and pursue derelict property owners who condone or promote illegal activity.
  • Advocates for security needs and funding with county, state and national law enforcement and criminal prosecution agencies.
  • Places mobile security cameras in key areas of the district to deter theft, vandalism, and illegal dumping.
  • Conducts street lighting surveys to ensure that CenterPoint is notified immediately of any outages in public areas. The District has also facilitated the installation of over 500 additional street lights to enhance safety around schools, bus stops, and other areas of concern.
  • Coordinates a Bike and ATV Patrol, which provides for enhanced public safety in area parks and commercial corridors.
  • Participates in the Texas House District 140 Salvage Yard Task Force, which seeks to combat the proliferation of auto salvage yards in residential areas as well as coordinates inspections of auto salvage yards.
  • Maintains aesthetically appealing business environment through a Graffiti Abatement Program, which cleans up graffiti once per week.
  • Has organized a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) which are teams of local citizens trained by the Harris County Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management to assist during local emergencies or disasters until professionals can arrive and take over.
  • Supports the Sheriff’s Office Law Enforcement Explorers Post comprised of East Aldine high school students who have demonstrated an interest in pursuing a career in the field of law enforcement.