The East Aldine District has many strategic partners who assist the District staff with business and economic development endeavors. Each of these community partners is critical to the success of the District service plan.

Texas Comptroller – Economic Data for Growth and Expansion

What gives Texas communities and businesses the edge when it comes to economic development decisions? Up-to-date data for accurate planning and economic forecasting, of course. Tap into the wealth of information at your fingertips or put the Comptroller’s expert team of researchers, analysts and economists to work for you. To learn more visit

Greens Bayou Corridor Coalition

Recreation. Economic development. Enhanced quality of life. These are the goals of the Greens Bayou Corridor Coalition (GBCC). GBCC works to remediate flooding and other threats to the bayou for those who live within its reaches. From developing parks and trails to monitoring water quality, GBCC is the Greens Bayou advocate, bringing together individuals, organizations and public agencies to address the challenges and opportunities of the bayou.

A 501(c)3 organization, GBCC is funded by membership dues, sponsorships and grants. Volunteer committees in each section – or “reach” – of the bayou help determine the priorities and guide the projects of their respective areas.
About Greens Bayou
The Greens Bayou watershed meanders approximately 45 miles throughout Houston, Jersey Village, Jacinto City, Galena Park, Humble and Harris County. The watershed covers about 212 square miles and includes four primary streams: Greens Bayou, Halls Bayou, Garners Bayou and Reinhardt Bayou. There are some 308 miles of open streams, including primary streams and tributary channels. From its narrow, ditch-like headway in the US 290 area to its deep, tree-lined delta at the Port of Houston, Greens Bayou is as varied as the neighborhoods it traverses.

East Aldine is in the bayou’s North Reach and flooding mitigation and recreational opportunities are a key part of the work of the North Reach committee, Coalition board and staff. The committee is open to anyone who wants to have an impact on the projects and activities of GBCC.