Community life in Aldine is marked by strong families, close-knit neighborhoods, an abundance of recreational resources, affordable housing, and outstanding access to jobs and regional business centers.

Approximately 10,000 hard-working families make their home in Aldine. They are served by one of the highest performing school districts in the state, the sixth largest public park in Houston, and Harris County facilities including a new public library and health care center. Hundreds of new streetlights, sidewalks along Aldine Mail Route, and an expanded Sherrif’s storefront have improved area safety. The district’s clean up and mosquito abatement programs are reducing health hazards, while plans to create new parks and a 10-mile system of hike and bike trails will extend existing recreational opportunities.

Through the East Aldine District, quality of life will continue to improve as new programs and services are implemented to ensure that Aldine remains a safe, prosperous, and beautiful community for generations to come.