The East Aldine District celebrated the completion of the North Houston Heights Water and Sewer Project on March 12, 2010. The celebration included a dedication of a drinking water fountain in Gerber Park, to Community Activist, Arlene Nichols. The Chairman of the East Aldine District Board of Directors, Clyde Bailey was emcee of the event. Attendees also heard from District Executive Director, David Hawes, North Houston Heights Civic Association President, Robert Mooreland and North Houston Heights resident, Maxine Mitchell who lead the attendees in a “Toast” to Arlene who dedicated so much of her life to the district. The North Houston Heights water and sewer project was a $6,000,000 project that was completed by the District in December of 2009. The project was a joint venture which could not have been accomplished without the assistance of the great team at Harris County Public Infrastructure. The contractor was Calco, Inc and the water and sewer service will be supplied and maintained by Sunbelt.