Department of Labor (DOL): June 2, 2011 is the deadline for the first round of H-1B Technical Skills Training Grants funding competition. As noted in the May 3rd newsletter, DOL expects to fund 75-100 grants through a single solicitation. Individual grants will range from $1 million to $5 million and will be distributed through two rounds of funding. The deadline for the second round of funding is November 17, 2011. Grant awards will be made only to the extent that funds are available. A summary and link to the SGA are provided below.

Department of Labor, the Economic Development Administration and the Small Business Administration: Details of the Jobs and Innovation Accelerator Challenge were announced May 20th. The initiative is designed to accelerate innovation-fueled job creation and economic prosperity through public-private partnerships. Subject to funding availability, approximately $33 million is being provided by DOL, EDA, and SBA along with technical assistance from 13 additional agencies and bureaus. The grants will support customized solutions for approximately 20 competitively selected industry clusters in urban and rural regions across the nation and across all sectors. Each Jobs and Innovation Accelerator Challenge investment will serve as a catalyst for leveraging private capital in the regions from an array of sources such as foundations, financial institutions, corporations and other private sector partners. Further information is provided below. A Letter of Intent is due June 10, 2011 and the Application deadline is July 7, 2011. Applications must propose one project with three distinct activities with each activity funded separately by the three sources of funds (ETA, EDA, SBA) available under this Federal Funding Opportunity (FFO). Applicants cannot request or use multiple funding sources available under this FFO to fund the same activities. The application team must collectively apply for the three sources of funds available under this FFO. If the application team does not apply for one or more sources of funds, the application will be considered nonresponsive and will not be reviewed. A summary is provided below and at The Jobs and Innovation Accelerator Challenge that also includes the link to the complete FFO.

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