On December 8th, the EAMD Pro-Active Unit was recognized by Sheriff Adrian Garcia with the Distinguished Unit Commendation.

The East Aldine Management Pro-Active Unit was formed in 2008 to address the serious crime concerns of the Aldine District. Comprised of one sergeant and four deputies, the unit has established itself in the law enforcement community as a group that excels apprehending the worst and most dangerous of society’s offenders – and they enjoy it.

Due to their reputation, they are constantly called upon by other police agencies and task forces for assistance, including the FBI, Customs & Homeland Security, and the ATF.

From their work with the East Aldine Management District to Haverstock, this group has demonstrated a level of professionalism and dedication that has made them successful.

The EAMD Pro-Active Unit has been recognized by the Houston Intercontinental Chamber of Commerce as Unit of the Year for several years in a row.

Over the past several years they have helped clean-up the streets of East Aldine and other District 2 communities by taking countless weapons and thousands of pounds of drugs off the street, and have cleared hundreds of felony warrants, as well as made thousands of arrests!