Beasley Tire Service Inc. is proud to announce the Helping Houston to Hire Houston program which will begin Christmas week and run through all of 2012. Bob Beasley, President and Owner of Beasley Tire Service said, “We are responding to our mayor’s call to HIRE HOUSTON FIRST by providing reliable transportation so that our fellow Houstonians that are unemployed can find employment.”

The program offers a free oil change and vehicle safety inspection to individuals who are currently receiving unemployment benefits from the state and are actively seeking a new job. In order to receive services, candidates must first obtain a voucher for service from us, have it verified that you are eligible, and then make an appointment.

If during an inspection, Beasley Tire mechanics find that automotive parts need to be replaced, including tires, they will be replaced at cost. There will be no labor charge and Beasley Tire Service Inc. will not make one cent in profit.

“We are proud to give back to the Houston community, which has been so great to us over the years. Our entire team is excited about the project and is ready to help Houston hire Houston.” Beasley said.

In addition, many of Beasley Tire’s vendors have offered their products at a reduced price (or free) so that the unemployed individual can afford the parts needed. All of the vendors, Beasley Tire’s PARTNERS IN BUSINESS, will be recognized on over 300 posters to be hung in Houston and on the Beasley Tire website.

The number of individuals assisted will be limited to two per day, so that Beasley Tire can still meet the demands of their current customers. However, the number of those helped is projected to exceed 750 vehicles in the coming year. Bob Davidson, Corporate Sales Manager said, “Our hope is that other Houston businesses follow our lead to assist those in need.”

For more information about the Helping Houston to Hire Houston program, contact Bob Davidson at 281-449-2365.

About Beasley Tire Service, Inc.

Family owned and operated since 1968, Beasley Tire Service provides fast professional products and services to consumer customers as well as commercial fleets. Beasley Tire Service is headquartered in Houston and has a location in San Antonio, Texas as well as a recently opened satellite location in Kenedy, Texas.