9 AM Saturday, March 29, 2014
12401 S. Post Oak Road

The Power Center

Home Owners
Come hear from the experts about the exemptions available to reduce your property tax bill and the payment options that will help with your property tax obligations, along with:
• how property values are determined
• exemptions eligibility
• how to read your property tax bill
• tax deferrals and payment options

Business Owners
Learn what a rendition is, how the information is used and which categories of taxpayers must file a rendition, along with:
• what property must be rendered
• information required for the rendition
• how to estimate market value
• penalties for failure to comply

Charities and Churches
Understand the restrictions for granting an exempt status to eliminate your ad valorem taxes, the application process and the need to re-apply, along with:
• walking through the application process
• acceptable purposes for charitable exemption status
• dealing with land development for future construction

All three hour-long sessions will run simultaneously starting at 9 AM.
Representatives from the Tax Office and the Harris County Appraisal District will be
available after the presentations to answer individual questions, check your property’s
status, help you fill out forms and make changes. Property owners can complete and
file exemption forms on site.

Mike Sullivan harris county appraisal district