Why you should attend?

You will be introduced to:
• 8 Types of Children and How to Parent and Educate Them
• Overcome anxiety and stress

Plus Parents and Educators learn to:
• Beat stress and fatigue
• Increase their stamina
• Feel inner peace
• Sleep better
• Build better relationships with children and teens


About the Speaker: Neesh Brand
An international expert, and BElife Certified Trainer for Maximizing Performance in Children, Youth & Teens – a pioneering 7-module program to empower young people to excel in life. She works as a specialist and trainer with MDP Foundation, a non-profit organization focusing on youth and family empowerment programs that contribute to a more enlightened path for families and children. She holds Master’s Degree in Counseling (Psychotherapy) and MBA in Human Resources. She offers emotional and mental wellness training programs and meditation classes to her personal clients and families.

5333 Aldine Mail Route
Houston, Texas 77039
Friday, August 1, 2014
10.00 am – 12.00 pm

For more information contact 713.471.5832 or email marianas@bondingagainstadversity.org