EAMD Filing of House Bill 2284 from ev1pro.com on Vimeo.

On Wednesday, April 15th, more than a dozen residents from the Castlewood subdivision in East Aldine went to the State Capitol in Austin, Texas and fought for their right to have safe, clean, and dependable drinking water.

Led by Castlewood Civic Club President, Steven Adame and neighborhood leaders, Connie Esparza and Alex Rios, a dozen residents participated in a hearing of the House Committee on Natural Resources where House Bill 2284 was presented by its author, State Representative Armando Walle. Castlewood neighborhood leaders testified in favor of HB 2284, and after Rep. Walle presented closing remarks on the bill, the Committee Chair called for a vote. HB 2284 was unanimously voted out of committee and is expected to be presented for a vote on the House Floor.

The trip to Austin was coordinated and sponsored by the East Aldine District, who has also retained legal representation for the past several years for Aldine (Utility) Ratepayers. The staff of Representative Walle assisted in facilitating the group’s visit to the capitol and their participation in the committee hearing.

Castlewood residents recently attended the monthly meeting of the East Aldine District board to express their appreciation for the district’s support of their fight with their water utility company.