EAMD Bonding Against Adversity GRAD 2015 from ev1pro.com on Vimeo.

On Friday, June 26, 2015, Bonding Against Adversity held its annual Scholarship Awards luncheon at the East Aldine District Office. During this luncheon Bonding Against Adversity was pleased to celebrate the five year anniversary of its One on One Mentoring for Students with Potential program which has been generously supported by the East Aldine District.

During the luncheon, Bonding, along with contributing sponsors, awarded eight scholarships to the students graduating from high school and going on to colleges and universities to pursue higher education. These are 8 of the original 10 students who joined the One on One program in 2010 while attending Hambrick Middle School. One of the other two students graduated a year earlier and the other is pursuing his GED since he had to leave school for family reasons.

The One on One program has proven to be very successful and demonstrates the ability of schools, family and community working together to ensure the future opportunity for young students through completing their high school education.