To our Sponsors, Supporters and Racers,

Based on the predicted severe weather over the next 48-72 hours we have cancelled Saturday’s Inaugural Regatta on Greens Bayou. The safety of our racers is of primary concern and we don’t feel confident that we can hold a safe and enjoyable event based on the current weather forecasts.

When it became evident Tuesday that we could be impacted by severe weather we reached out to the numerous partners who are supporting this event to showcase Greens Bayou. All agreed that racer and volunteer safety has to be our number one priority and we have selected October 22, 2016 as our reschedule date.

You will still have the opportunity to participate in the Houston Triple Regatta Championship if you entered the Buffalo Bayou Regatta in March and register and race in the Cypress Creek Regatta on September 17th followed by the Greens Bayou Regatta on October 22.

Despite our regret in cancelling Saturday’s race we are grateful for the outpouring of support and interest. We especially thank our Admiral Sponsor, Port of Houston Authority, for their generous support. Many of you have been diligently raising funds to support the paddle trail development and now you have more time to get your friends and family involved! See you on October 22 at Brock Park!

Paddle Trail Committee Chair,
Rich Gallegos

Paddle Trail Committee Vice Chair,
Doug Coenen

Green Bayou Race Director,
Grady Hicks