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With pedestrian and bicycle-related fatalities on the rise this year, HPD is offering tips to keep pedestrians and motorists safe. In addition, pedestrian safety brochures, in six languages, may be found on the department’s website at

Pedestrians are reminded:
• Do not walk across the street unless at a crosswalk
• Take the extra minute or two to walk to a crosswalk
• Obey “Walk / Don’t Walk traffic signals
• Stop and look both ways before stepping into the street
• Make eye contact with a driver; don’t just look at a vehicle
• Wear light colored and/or reflective clothing if walking at night and carry a flashlight
• Do not wear headphones or talk/text on a cell phone while walking across the street
• Be extra careful in construction zones

Motorists are reminded:
• Be cautious, alert and aware of your surroundings
• Avoid distractions (like talking and texting on cell phones)
• Always be on the lookout for pedestrians and bicyclists
• Stop and render aid if you strike a pedestrian or vehicle
• Stop and render aid even if you do not have a driver’s license or insurance