This week Commissioner Adrian Garcia pushed for a study that could lead to the first Homestead Exemption since 2008.

“If we are able to increase these exemptions, this would be the first time in eleven years we bring meaningful tax reform to individual homeowners. This is a positive effect on homeowner’s pocket book because of the adverse impact rising appraisal rates is having on families across Harris County,” said Commissioner Adrian Garcia.

In 1984 when the Over-65/Disabled Exemption amount was increased to $156,240 and the homestead exemption was established at 40%, a person qualifying for this exemption would pay no county taxes on a home with an appraised value of $260,000.

“I’m proud to be the first Commissioner to submit this and put money back into the pockets of hardworking families,” said Commissioner Garcia.

The study results will be ready in sixty days and if any changes are approved, they would take effect until 2020.

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