This week Commissioner Adrian Garcia helped bring much needed change to Harris County’s Down Payment Assistance Program. The Commissioner pushed for updates that will significantly reduce the time applicants have to wait to receive funds and streamlines processes.

“When I found out families were losing opportunities to close on their homes because of bureaucratic red tape, I knew we could do better. It is time Harris County stops handling business the old-fashioned way. I strongly believe in looking for better and more innovative ways of doing things that can positively impact the residents we serve,” said Commissioner Adrian Garcia.

Since 2002, Harris County Commissioners Court approval was required before a down payment check could be issued for a new homeowner. This could delay closings with agenda deadlines for a court that meets twice a month.

The new policy approved by Commissioners Court allows Harris County Community Services to issue checks electronically upon execution of an agreement with the homebuyer and completion of a home inspection.

“This will help our hardworking families get into their home much faster than ever before. Prior to this, families were not able to close on their homes because it took too long to get their checks, and sellers were overlooking their offers,” said Commissioner Adrian Garcia.

Harris County works with mortgage lenders and banks to deliver down payment assistance to low-to-moderate income homebuyers within the County. Up to $23,800 for new construction and pre-existing homes is provided. Residents interested in learning more about the program can call (832) 927-4956.

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