WHO:    Harris County Precinct 2 Commissioner Adrian Garcia & residents

WHAT: Precinct 2 Commissioner Adrian Garcia begins development on the Parks & Trails Plan that is aimed to improve the Precinct’s parks and trail system by utilizing public feedback to drive the direction of the plan. Residents are encouraged to take the online survey, which is the first step in creating the best plan that will work for your community for years to come. There will be other opportunities to engage with the project team in the near future, which includes focus group and community workshop meetings, as well as stakeholder meetings and more. For more information on the project and to take the survey, visit: www.Pct2ParksAndTrails.com.

WHERE: The plan will be Precinct-wide.

WHEN: The online survey will be open for the next few weeks. Hard deadline will be determined shortly. As for the overall Parks & Trails Plan, the goal is to have the comprehensive plan developed by mid-2021. The Plan will have a recommended list of construction projects to be implemented in the short and long term.

WHY: Now more than ever, parks are a vital resource for all residents during these difficult times. Parks and trails in Precinct 2 provide opportunities for communities to safely come together, play, exercise, and connect with nature.