We are excited to have Mr. Sweet at the BakerRipley East Aldine Farmer’s Market in their grand opening of their Food Carriage! Mr. Sweet has been a part of the Technical Assistance Program, Lanzate Houston, the East Aldine Kitchen and the pilot of the Food Industry Recovery Program. Throughout COVID-19, Mr. Sweet was able to grow their business and now has a food carriage to travel all throughout Houston. Join us to celebrate, shop at the farmers market, and sample some of Mr. Sweet’s menu. Please see the timeline below. Note: Remarks and Ribbon Cutting will start at 11:00am.


10:00 am – Farmer’s Market Begins
11:05 am – Welcome by BakerRipley
11:10 am – Welcome by Entrepreneur Connection Program + Storytelling

  • When Mr. Sweet came to BakerRipley
  • What are the services they are getting?
  • How has been their progress?
  • What is next?

11:20 am – Congratulations from HOPE Clinic
11:30 am – Welcome for Aryelis & Family (Spanish & English)
11:40 am – Ribbon Cutting + Photos
11:50 am – Sampling Products
12:00 pm – Closure – Final thoughts
1:00 pm – Farmer’s Market Ends