There is good news this week for the many Texans who still struggle because they lack a reliable internet connection: fast broadband connections for qualified residents at the best price possible — $0.

This program is made possible with a partnership between the Access from AT&T program and federal benefits from the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) and is available starting today.

A reliable internet connection is a foundation for success – providing learning opportunities and the chance to apply for jobs, access benefits, research childcare programs, and attend virtual trainings. 

Are you eligible for this program? If you can access the internet now, you can find out via the ACP website and then reach out to AT&T at (855) 220-5211.  They can verify your ACP approval and set you up on a plan with the ACP benefit. You can also reach out to the ACP at this number (877) 384-2575. 

If you are currently receiving the Emergency Broadband Benefit (EBB) your benefit will remain the same through February 28. To receive ACP benefit after February 28, you may be contacted by the Universal Services Administrative Co. (USAC) to reverify your eligibility. If you qualified under the EBB COVID temporary loss of income criteria, the National Verifier will need to reverify your eligibility under different criteria prior to March 1.

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