Every day, law enforcement, emergency personnel and tow operators risk their lives responding to calls for help on area roadways. The Texas Move Over/Slow Down law requires that passing motorists move out of the lane closest to an emergency vehicle stopped on the roadway or reduce driving speeds to 20 miles below the posted limit if they can’t safely move.

The Move Over or Slow Down law is designed to prevent secondary crashes and protect first responders, drivers and passengers,” said Dinah Massie, Executive Director at Houston TranStar.

When you see an emergency vehicle on the side of a road, the Move Over/Slow Down Law requires you to:

  • Give them space, and keep them safe by moving over to the next lane

If you are not able to switch lanes:

  • Slow down to 20 miles per hour below the posted speed limit
  • Slow down to 5 miles per hour on local roads if the posted speed is 25 miles per hour or less

Houston TranStar encourages drivers to move over or slow down for any stalled vehicles, not just law enforcement. Following this important law can help to prevent crashes and save lives.