Notable findings in the January and February 2022 Pulse Survey reports:

  • People who had insurance were more likely to get vaccinated, compared to people without insurance. Supports neighborhood coordinator observation that people without access to a primary care doctor were more hesitant to get the vaccine. 
  • Unvaccinated folks had much lower trust in Covid information messengers than vaccinated folks. This aligns with trust-building emphasis that neighborhood coordinators saw. The Pulse report doesn’t show a very strong trust connection with family members and faith communities, but the neighborhood coordinators did see a connection there. 
  • About half of vaccinated people don’t believe the booster shot is necessary and think the government didn’t provide enough information about it. 
  • Knowing where to go to get a vaccine was a major barrier for unvaccinated people. In general, the logistics of getting a vaccine was a barrier. 
  • More barriers for unvaccinated people include: fear of getting sick/side effects from vaccine, and not enough time to see whether the vaccine works. Concerns about safety and effectiveness. Concern with having to present an ID to get a vaccine. All of these concerns have been reported by neighborhood coordinators and align with what they have reported. 
  • Perception of risk seems to be a factor in deciding to get the vaccine: older people were more likely to be vaccinated, and people with underlying health conditions were more likely to be vaccinated.