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Harris County Storm Debris Pickup

Harris County debris removal is underway. The most important thing residents can do to ensure the process runs quickly and efficiently is to follow storm debris guidelines by separating and placing debris in the appropriate area.
1. Separate vegetative debris, such as tree branches and plants, from construction and demolition debris, as they will be collected separately.
2. Do not bag debris. Only loose debris will be collected.
3. Do not place debris near drainage ditches, storm drains, mailboxes, water meters, fire hydrants, low-lying limbs, or any other above-ground utility such as transformers and power lines.
4. Only debris placed in the appropriate area will be eligible for collection. If all debris is not picked up during the first pass, continue to push remaining debris closer to the curb for collection on future passes.
5. Regular household trash should be disposed of with the regular collection of garbage. Spoiled food items should be thrown out in the regular trash, never mixed with storm or construction debris.

For more information about storm debris pickup, call 3-1-1.

HCOHSEM will provide updates via social media, ReadyHarris Alerts, and ReadyHarris Accessible Alerts.