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September 2002 — Mission: To mobilize resources to address current and future infrastructure, development and open space needs of the growing Aldine CID area in order to attract and retain employees, increase values and facilitate business development.


1. Coordinate actions with Harris County Flood Control District to protect neighborhoods and businesses from flood events as well as to develop green spaces and recreational areas within floodplains.

2. Work with existing public, private and nonprofit entities to insure the District is included in long-and short-term planning efforts as well as to initiate support and coordinate public, nonprofit and private improvement actions.

3. Provide technical assistance and information to property owners and managers on projects that will improve the quality of the work environment in the District.

4. Create District identity, visual continuity and inviting streetscapes through improvements in landscaping, street furnishings and visual elements for the commercial community.

5. Develop a multi-year tree-planting program to create a network of “green corridors” along roadways and facilitate the creation and development of a system of parks, trails and open spaces connected throughout and adjacent to the District to serve employees and nearby resident populations.

6. Preserve and protect natural resources such as the region’s forested areas and watersheds.

Programs and Projects

Advocate for and support the development of conservation programs that focus on employer/employee-based waste and emissions reduction and recycling that bring about a quality work atmosphere.

Develop and implement an Urban Design Master Plan program that addresses landscaping, street-scaping, lighting, bus shelters and seating, parks, trails and open space, integrating them into existing regional and county planning to create a District identity.

Prepare basic development, renovation and maintenance information, assistance and guidelines for property owners, managers and investors to use in evaluating, planning, implementing and managing projects within the District.

Work cooperatively with neighborhood and municipal utility districts to develop and enhance neighborhood resources and assets.