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September 2002 — Mission: Provide effective, efficient support services to District programs, including transportation, public safety, environmental and urban design, business development and public relations, at the least possible cost.


1. Respond to the day-to-day needs of the District while initiating plans for long-term stability and growth.

2. Utilize human and financial resources in an efficient manner to accomplish the service and improvement plan.

3. Advocate for the District’s fair share of county and state services.

4. Provide oversight and management that are responsive to the needs of all the District’s property owners.

5. Seek volunteer participation in the District’s programs from all sectors of property owners who comprise the District.

6. Administer the projects of the District in a way that will serve as an example for other areas and management districts to follow.

Programs and Projects

Accurately reflect the costs of providing services in each program area through a carefully monitored cost allocation system.

Provide annual financial audits that protect the financial integrity of the District and help ensure the most efficient use of monetary resources.

Ensure compliance with the Open Records Act and the Open Meetings Act of the State of Texas.

Maintain an efficient level of office technology to ensure the fullest utilization of all available resources.

Monitor and evaluate administrative systems and procedures to maximize the utility of available resources.