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September 2002 — Mission: To utilize and improve existing resources to create a well-planned transportation system which effectively addresses current and future needs in the areas of mobility infrastructure.


1. Facilitate circulation networks and facilities for transit, vehicular, pedestrian and bicycle use which are safe, comprehensive and attractive.

2. Provide resources for transportation and traffic flow studies and use available resources to assist in the design of certain mobility projects.

3. Work with existing public, private and nonprofit entities to insure that the District is included in long and short-term transportation planning efforts.

4. Work with other governmental entities to develop an improved major thoroughfare & arterial system.

5. Provide guidance and coordination with regard to both transportation infrastructure and design aesthetics.

Programs and Projects

Work with TxDOT and Harris County to develop and implement an improved thoroughfare system and secondary roadways that complement the corridors.

Develop and implement a transportation/mobility master plan for the District and integrate it into existing regional, county, and city planning efforts.

Work with other governmental agencies to positively impact the design of the major freeways to improve ingress/egress to the District and surrounding areas.

Prepare and implement design plans in partnership with TxDOT with regard to the aesthetics and overall look of the Corridors’ overpasses, exit/entry ramps and landscaping.

Enhance amenities for pedestrians and cyclists by coordinating with regional, county, and city agencies on capital improvement plans, street and sidewalk standards, bikeways and facilities.