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September 2002 — Mission: To provide Aldine citizens and businesses with safe, reliable, affordable drinking water and solutions for area wastewater and storm drainage deficiencies.


1. Develop a strategy to implement major, comprehensive infrastructure improvements to
replace the existing piecemeal water/sewer system.

2. Initiate the creation of a master plan for a district-wide water/sewer system.

3. Create a foundation upon which subsequent district economic and physical development can occur.

4. Develop supportive relationship with city, county, and state water/sewer entities.

Programs and Projects

On May 16, 2002 the East Aldine District board of directors approved a grant application to the Texas Water Development Board and authorized matching funds of $25,000 to develop a planning study for water supply and wastewater treatment facilities throughout the district. Total cost for the planning study is $445,533. Through the efforts of State Representative Kevin Bailey, the District secured a number of in-kind pledges that will reduce district costs to $25,000.

Upon approval of the TWDB grant, the district compiled hard data regarding needed facilities and infrastructure improvements, a schedule for implementation, alternatives for funding, and capital and operating cost estimates.

Using this blueprint, the board is pursuing grants from other government entities, partnerships with area developers, and collaboration with existing providers to implement the plan.