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Aldine History: Two 1990s Major League pitchers

Earlier this year, the Houston Chronicle compiled a list of the greatest pro athletes from every Houston-area high school.  Two 1990s Major League pitchers head those lists for East Aldine’s two largest high schools: Aldine High’s Roger Pavlik and for MacArthur, it’s Brian Bevil. We’ll start with Bevil. A 1990 graduate of MacArthur, the 6’3” [...]

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August Update on the East Aldine Arts Council

Interview with Board Member and Arts Council Committee Member Carlos Silva By Christina Autry What is the Arts Council? The Arts Council is something the East Aldine District has wanted to do for some time now. The management district is tasked with improving infrastructure, economic development, and partnering with organizations in the community to provide [...]

2020-10-05T23:38:52+00:00October 5th, 2020|About the District, Community, My East Aldine|

Smurfs in Aldine?

Talk about an urban legend in every sense of both words. Beginning in late 1982 and reaching a crescendo of panic and hysteria in the Spring of 1983, elementary and middle-school playgrounds, classrooms, cafeterias from Alief all the way to Aldine were gripped with dread. Even the tough kids were scared, one former HISD pupil remembered [...]

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Construction Begins on Little York and Hopper Stormwater Detention Basins in Halls Bayou

This project will excavate approximately 192,000 cubic yards of soil, which is equivalent to more than 15,000 dump trucks full of dirt. HOUSTON, TEXAS - The Harris County Flood Control District has begun work on a $3.5 million construction project on the Little York Stormwater Detention Basin and the Hopper Stormwater Detention Basin. The project is [...]

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There’s a New Gin in Town – Avonak Distillery

By JD Herman A stone's throw from the East Sam Houston Tollway is the only active gin distillery in Houston. Avonak Distillery broke ground in the East Aldine Management District in 2018. Focusing on young spirits and organic grain to glass distilling, they have come to market with a vodka and two unique gin offerings. [...]

2020-10-06T16:18:30+00:00August 3rd, 2020|Community, Economic Development, My East Aldine|

Sushi Tex Mex

One thing that separates East Aldine from everywhere else on Planet Houston -- nowhere from the San Jacinto River on the east to the Brazos on the west will you find not one but two restaurants specializing in Mexican-style sushi. And those restaurants are a few minutes’ walk from one another on Aldine-Westfield Rd. We’ve [...]

2020-10-06T16:18:18+00:00July 31st, 2020|Community, My East Aldine|
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