Westfield FD more ready than ever to battle flames and floods

With hurricane season hitting its peak, the Westfield Fire Department is now fully equipped to perform high water rescues throughout the East Aldine area. Through funding from Harris County Emergency Services District (ESD) 25, the department recently obtained a $79,325 command vehicle, which will haul a $26,964 swift water rescue boat purchased last year. A [...]

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Westfield FD helps raise funds for families of fallen first responders

The Westfield Fire Department participates annually in the Texas Brotherhood Ride, which raises funds for families of Texas first responders killed in the line of duty.   This year’s ride will starts Sept. 5, from Houston to Colorado Springs, CO. The 1,000-mile ride will conclude Sept. 17 at the Fallen Firefighter Memorial in Colorado Springs.  In [...]

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East Aldine venture combines gym, fitness classes, healthy drinks

Danielle Torres, fourth from left As an ambitious and hardworking mother of two, Aldine native Danielle Torres felt that she needed two things: a place that sells good, healthy food and a place to work out to relieve stress.  A former emergency medical technician, Torres runs her parents’ cleaning business, SCR Facilities Maintenance, [...]

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A welding wizard turns muffler parts into manikins

“Advertising is the greatest art form of the 20th century.”  —the late philosopher Marshall McLuhan  At the busy intersection of Aldine Westfield Road and Little York, a crazy collection of sculptures molded from muffler parts evokes memories of the Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz. But mechanic Jose Ramos is amused, and a bit confused, [...]

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East Aldine’s old gravestone mystery has been solved! Partly.

The identity of Alwiene S. “Sophie” Goerlitz Weise was never in doubt. She was born in the Austin area, during the Civil War, on Dec. 23, 1863. Among her parents and siblings, she was the only American from first breath. The rest of the Goerlitz family had come from Germany. She married freight hauler Ephraim [...]

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SBA official explains loan aid following Houston upheavals

With Hurricane Harvey, the COVID-19 pandemic and this year’s historic winter storm, it’s been a rough time for Texas, and small businesses have suffered. However, there are plenty of available financial resources to help business owners who might benefit from guaranteed loans from the U.S. Small Business Administration. The traditional SBA loan guarantee program helps [...]

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Sgt. Terry Garza boosts public safety in the community she adores

From her third-floor workspace in the East Aldine Management District’s new Town Center office building, Harris County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Terry Garza has a spectacular view of the community she has loved since she was a young patrol deputy. Garza, who oversees the evening shift patrol of officers assigned to the district, is a popular [...]

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A smoother East Aldine ride could be just around the corner

From the frigid February freeze to torrential July rainstorms, Houston’s 2021 weather has been “the perfect storm” for the proliferation of potholes that are a persistent and pricey problem for drivers and public officials. Not only are potholes a threat to public safety, as drivers sometimes swerve to avoid danger, they are a costly and [...]

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Jazz concerts give Town Center amphitheater a swinging start

Two July jazz concerts marked the grand opening of the amphitheater at the East Aldine Management District’s expanded Town Center, where the musicians and the hundreds of people in the public audiences inspired each other. Before internationally known trumpeter Ray Vega improvised his solos on stage on the night of July 17, some in the [...]

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Work ethic, growth, funding boosts make East Aldine ripe for economic development

A cultural and history of hard work — matched by a growing population, consumer demand and lots of elbow room — make the East Aldine community a fertile ground for economic development. Residents of East Aldine have long supported their neighbors' home-grown businesses, leading to success for everyone from Aldine natives to first generation immigrants. [...]

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