The East Aldine Management District collected more in sales taxes this month than it did in February of the previous year.

The district, which was created to fund projects enhancing the physical, social and economic well-being of the Aldine area, collected $342,783.63 in sales taxes. That’s $60,121.40 more than the amount that was collected in the same month of 2010, which was $282,652.23.

February also brought in greater sales tax revenues than the previous month. In January, the district collected $225,500.39. That was less than in January 2010, when $266,216.17 was collected.

The February numbers were also higher than the average monthly intake for 2010, which was $270,234.01.

The local sales tax rate in the part of Aldine covered by the district is 8.25 percent, one percent of which goes to the district.