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Cantu promoted to East Aldine Management District executive director

The East Aldine Management District is pleased to announce the promotion of longtime staff member Richard Cantu to the position of executive director.   He will oversee all operations and staff work of the District, including progress on economic development, public safety, commercial corridor maintenance, public art, the East Aldine Town Center and much more. [...]

2022-01-24T13:34:15-06:00January 21st, 2022|About the District, Community|

District mourns the death of board leader Gerald Overturff

The East Aldine Management District and its friends and supporters are mourning the death of Gerald Overturff, 82, a life-long Aldine resident and community leader who chaired the District board of directors from November 2011 to July 2021. When he died at a local hospital Thursday night, he had served on the board for 17 [...]

2021-10-27T09:02:27-05:00October 22nd, 2021|About the District, Community|

East Aldine Management District board elects new officers

Chairwoman Joyce Wiley The East Aldine Management District volunteer board of directors elected community pioneer Joyce Wiley as its chairwoman Tuesday, July 20, 2021, making her only the third top leader of the District since its creation in 2001. Wiley succeeds Gerald Overturff, who remains on the nine-member board after serving as chairman [...]

2021-07-22T10:35:03-05:00July 21st, 2021|About the District, Community|

August Update on the East Aldine Arts Council

Interview with Board Member and Arts Council Committee Member Carlos Silva By Christina Autry What is the Arts Council? The Arts Council is something the East Aldine District has wanted to do for some time now. The management district is tasked with improving infrastructure, economic development, and partnering with organizations in the community to provide [...]

2020-10-05T23:38:52-05:00October 5th, 2020|About the District, Community, My East Aldine|

What’s in a Name – Aldine’s Demonym

Natives of Houston are Houstonians and the people of Dallas are called Dallasites, but by what name do the people of Aldine prefer to be referred? What is the label for locals, or in the words of writer, historian, baseball scholar and word expert, what is Aldine’s “demonym?” That’s the word Dickson popularized for this [...]

2020-10-06T16:17:19-05:00June 25th, 2020|About the District, Community, My East Aldine|

Aldine History: Swedish Roots

Looking today at the bustling economies, robust social safety nets, stable governments, and overall quality of life of the Scandinavian countries, it’s hard to believe that only a little more than a century ago, northern Europe was an economic, political and religious basket case. Back in the 1880s, when Aldine was first coming together, only [...]

2020-10-06T16:16:17-05:00June 2nd, 2020|About the District, Community, My East Aldine|
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