By Christina Autry

E.B. Beasley traveled the country within the trucking industry until deciding to settle down in Houston with his wife, Bobbie Beasley. “He wanted to go into business for himself,” says Bob Beasley, son of E.B. and Bobbie. After launching their first service station shop inside an Exxon, the couple opened their own independent business, Beasley’s Tire Service in 1971, in what has become the East Aldine District.

Fourty-eight years later, the teenager who helped his parents by washing cars, pumping gas, and going along for the ride in his dad’s tire service truck continues to run his parents’ business. Having attended MacArthur High School, and subsequently Liberty University, Bob came full-circle to continue building the Beasley’s Tire Service reputation as one of the leading consumer and corporate tire companies in Houston.

Beasley’s provides automotive services such as front-end alignment and repair, brake service, and of course, tire repair and replacement. “We sell every kind of tires except motorcycle tires and airplane tires,” says Bob. Beasley’s corporate clients have included big-name trucking companies such as HEB, Borden, WCA Waste, Centerpoint, and hundreds of other commercial operators.

Inside the Beasley Tire warehouse are towering stacks of tires in all sizes and shapes, destined for 18-wheelers, construction equipment, oilfield trucks, and anything that needs newly treaded tires. The shop specializes in tire retreading, largely for 18-wheeler trucks. Using Michelin tires as their primary brand, in addition to BFGoodrich and Uniroyal, Beasley’s is the leading seller around the city for all three brands.

Touring Beasley’s retread warehouse is a lesson in streamlined efficiency, with specialization in every step, maintained by a professional, clean work environment. Using proprietary equipment from Michelin, the retread process is broken down into stations within the warehouse which utilize specialized equipment to do the most accurate, highest quality job. Using this process, the shop can retread 196 tires per day.

Damaged tires are first inspected thoroughly on rotating equipment, to evaluate if the tire can be approved for retreading. The tire then moves on to the buffing machine, where the existing tread and sidewalls are smoothed down in preparation for receiving the new tread. Next, holes and damages to the tire are patched over, before sticky cushion gum is applied to the tire. As a strip of new Michelin tread is rolled out and applied to the tire, the cushion gum seals it in place. Lastly, tires are heated in a 123° chamber for almost two hours to embed the correct tread pattern onto the tire, and to fuse all parts of the new tire into one solid entity.

While the facility uses specially designed machinery, every step in the process is guided and completed by trained tire servicemen. Beasley’s employs 170 people across the seven cities that they have expanded to around Texas.

“Retreading and replacing tires means most of our work is done to prevent 18-wheelers on the roads from having problems,” explains Bob. However, Beasley’s is also outfitted to respond to emergency tire replacements for trucks stranded on the roads. Although many calls come straight from the trucking companies themselves, Beasley’s is tied into the Michelin “ONCall” emergency network, an 800 number that truckers call if they are in need of roadside service. Michelin connects truckers to local tire service shops that respond to the call.

Beasley’s dispatcher takes calls, and organizes work tickets for newly received calls, works in progress, and completed jobs. A TV monitor in the dispatcher station displays dots around town, showing the movement of the Beasley service trucks providing assistance on the roads.

“We developed our reputation for fast truck tire service. Among the tire companies working with the emergency road service, we lead the nation in fastest response time,” says Bob. Beasley’s Tire Service has won numerous awards for outstanding business practices, such as the Houston Intercontinental Chamber of Commerce “Small Business of the Year” award in both 2012 and 2015.

Having lived and worked in the East Aldine area all his life, Bob Beasley has contributed in a volunteer capacity to improve the district, while running a first-rate business. “I’ve been involved in the East Aldine District since its inception, and I was asked to join the board roughly ten years ago,” says Bob. He now serves as the Vice Chairman of the district, and is able to “help the East Aldine area and the services available grow and develop,” he describes. Bob also serves on the board of the Aldine Education Foundation, which helps support Aldine ISD.

Working with Beasley’s Tire Service means supporting a family business with strong Houston roots, and only the highest standards for customer service, and quality work.

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