By Christina Autry

A native to East Aldine, Adriana Hinojosa knew that the community where she grew up was the place she wanted to establish her business. For the past six years, Hinojosa has provided a space for women to have fun and get fit in a welcoming environment. From Zumba to her Keeping it Peachy glutes class, women of all ages and fitness levels work toward their health goals and build friendships along the way.

As a stay-at-home mother of three, Hinojosa began attending Zumba classes, something that she ended up loving and having a talent for. “I would pick up the steps really quickly. My closest friends told me that I should instruct,” she remembers. “I love to work out. Zumba and dance fitness will always be my go-to because of how much fun it is.”

Hinojosa decided to take the plunge, and become a licensed, certified Zumba instructor. After working as a Zumba instructor at the University of Houston, as well as Gold’s Gym and Stevens Elementary, “in 2014, an opportunity came up for me to get my own space,” she says. This original facility is next door to her current, larger building that she began using two years ago.

In the early days of her business, Hinojosa was pleasantly surprised when her free Cinco de Mayo workout event attracted 200 people. “We didn’t know if anyone was going to show up. But we ended up having to work out in the parking lot because my first space wasn’t big enough,” she laughs. “We all had a lot of fun.”

“My grand opening was an amazing moment; I was so excited to start something that I loved,” she remembers. Hinojosa teaches all of her classes, which typically include Small Group Women’s Training at 5AM, followed by Zumba in the mornings, and the evening class, Keeping it Peachy. Classes are open to women of any age, and Hinojosa has seen participants as young as 15 all the way through 60.

“Every class is flexible to fit everyone’s needs,” says Hinojosa. “I talk to each student before we start exercising and make sure everyone feels comfortable. Throughout the workout, I’m walking around and making sure they’re OK. Every class I offer is intense, but I can help you modify it, and you can always take a break.”

Having visited a number of gyms that are more intimidating than welcoming, Hinojosa has made positivity a fundamental part of each class. “The most important thing is that we’ve created a place where women can empower each other,” she says. “We’ve become almost like family.”

Owning her own business has allowed Hinojosa to balance work with family life, two worlds that frequently overlap. Students will oftentimes see Hinojosa’s three children and husband helping out in the studio. “My family is very involved and supportive. I love my students and my family, and I get both of those through owning a business,” she says.

Throughout the years, Hinojosa has felt honored to be part of her students’ health journeys. “One of my students had never worked out before, and she fell in love from day one. She committed to coming every day for a year, and over that time she has lost about 100 pounds. It was amazing to see the change,” she says.

Due to the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, Hinojosa temporarily offered free online classes for her students, to maintain their progress. She has also closed her studio in response to local spikes, to be on the safe side, and ensure that her business is following state and county guidelines.

For those interested in giving Studio 59 a shot, keep in contact with the latest news via their Facebook page (Studio 59 Health and Fitness), or on Instagram (@studio59_houston). Hinojosa’s Zumba schedule can be found at, as well. Each class at Studio 59 is $5, or frequent participants can choose the $60/month option.  

“I’m thankful for my instructors I’ve met along the way, who have shown me love and mentored me,” says Hinojosa. “They really encouraged me to go for it. I’ve always wanted to be that type of person for others, and provide that same inspiration to push girls to do what they like. Women’s empowerment is very dear to my heart.” Come check out Studio 59, and find the motivation you need to pursue your goals.

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