Before packing on any more pandemic pounds, residents of the East Aldine District might want to sip a “skinny horchata” at the Revive Healthy Spot on Aldine Westfield Road.

The health food store and dining spot offers health advice, along with healthy “meal shakes,” snacks and meal plans to boost immunity, energy and overall well-being. The family-owned business offers positive energy and motivation to customers seeking healthy alternatives to holiday treats and temptations.

“It’s a positive environment where we encourage people to be happier and healthier,” said Lucero Garcia. “Our goal is to bring health to our community.”

For the less-than-motivated, the store features a scale that measures Body Mass Index (BMI is that pesky indicator of obesity) as well as a free wellness evaluation.

The health food haven has been operating at its current spot for the last four months. The business is a family enterprise owned by Angeles Guadiana, Lucero Garcia’s mother-in-law; her brother, Franky Garcia; and her sister-in-law, Stephany Lopez. Guadiana has been selling Herbalife Nutrition products for more than a decade, Garcia said.

The store features Herbalife products, and its business has been booming despite the recent economic downturn.

“People are very aware of the virus, so they’re seeking ways to be healthier,” Garcia said. “Some are asking about ways to boost the immune system, but many are just looking for ways to improve their health or energy.”

Revive Healthy Spot offers a variety of “shakes” designed as “meal replacements.” Garcia said, customers can also get healthy, protein-based waffles and donuts.

The 29-year old started using the products about three years ago. She lost 10 pounds and says: “My energy is through the roof.”

The “Skinny Horchata” is an iced drink that includes green tea for energy, protein power, the fat reducer known as prolessa and vanilla flavoring. It is a customer favorite, even though the recipe is not like the traditional Mexican horchata made from white rice soaked in water and sweetened with plenty of granulated sugar and cinnamon.

“An added benefit is that it really does reduce cravings,” Garcia said. “It gives an energy boost, but you won’t have the urge to eat chocolate and other candy.”

There are three tables in the dining area; Garcia said most customers are coming in for the popular take-out shakes. There are 10 flavors, but customers can devise their own creations, she said. 

They have also recently started serving “protein coffee,” which has only two grams of sugar and 100 calories. That is several hundred calories less than a pumpkin-flavored latte, even without whipped cream.

Garcia is quick to add that the staff at Revive Healthy Spot is not there to offer medical advice. “We always want people to talk to their doctors if they have any medical issues,” she said.

As “pandemic fatigue” sets in, Garcia said that she is trying to encourage patrons to keep a positive outlook.

“I am always happy and cheerful. I believe in a positive environment. Take care of your health and you will feel better,” she said. “Sometimes, things happen that we cannot control. But we can be positive by starting to take care of our health.”


Revive Healthy Spot
11914 Aldine Westfield Road, Suite B, Houston 77093


— by Anne Marie Kilday