People who shop in East Aldine can now get 10% back on what they buy at hundreds of businesses, thanks to a free app launched by the Management District.

The app is called Open Rewards and can be downloaded for free on standard cell phones.

Here’s an example of how it works when you make purchases at supermarkets, hair salons, restaurants, auto repair shops and many other kinds of retail outlets:

  • Go to a participating restaurant and spend $50 on a family meal.
  • Pay the bill in the usual way.
  • Upload your receipt to Open Rewards (or link your credit card to the app to bypass this step).
  • You will receive 10% cash back rewards in your account.
  • Go to another participating business in the program, make a purchase and apply your credit toward the purchase — or continue to save your rewards for things you buy later.

Almost 500 businesses have already joined the program.

The app is part of the District’s latest efforts to promote economic development and business prosperity in East Aldine, a growing, dynamic and hard-working area.

“Promotion and support of local businesses is one of the cornerstones of the East Aldine Management District. We are excited about the launch of this program and the impact it will have on our local community,” said Lance Dean, district economic development director.