Greater Houston Flood Mitigation Consortium Report

News: Greater Houston Flood Mitigation Consortium report conveys need to accelerate paradigm shift; shares analyses on existing and proposed reservoirs, regulations, drainage, buyouts, and more Strategies for Flood Mitigation in Greater Houston, Edition 1, a report released today by the Greater Houston Flood Mitigation Consortium, calls for accelerating the paradigm shift underway in how the [...]

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Urgent Airbag Safety Recall

The airbag in your vehicle may have a deadly defect. Instead or protecting you, these defective airbags explode like grenades, spraying metal shrapnel inside the passenger compartment. Eleven people have died, including two right here in Houston. More than 180 people have been severely injured. The good news is, the repair is absolutely free. A [...]

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Channel 13 reports about ongoing pothole problem

by By Ted Oberg and Trent Seibert, ABC13 Road repair cash is there, so why months-long delay? HOUSTON (KTRK) -- After an ABC-13 investigation in April showed a steep decline city road-paving and pothole fixing, Houston city officials quickly said they would find additional money to help fill the gaping, tire-ripping holes in city streets. [...]

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Brown Bag Lunch: Texas High Speed Rail

On Monday, January 20, 2014, former Harris County Judge Robert Eckels gave a presentation on Texas High Speed Rail. As part of the H-GAC Brown Bag Series, a video of the well-attended talk can be viewed on the internet. Judge Eckels is the founding chairman of the Texas High Speed Rail and Transportation Corporation, a [...]

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KHOU reports on improvement at Haverstock Hills Apartments

Houston's KHOU Channel 11 recently reported on the latest success in the war on gangs. They highlighted improvements made at the Haverstock Hills Apartments, which were named "the most dangerous real estate in Harris County", according to the district attorney’s office. Watch their report.

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HICC Calendar

Thursday, October 18 HICC & The Authors: Author and actor Bryan Bratt brings his book Big, Easy Style to Brazos Bookstore 7:00 p.m. - Brazos Bookstore 2421 Bissonnet Street, Houston Friday, October 19 Coffee & Contacts 8:30 a.m. - Greater Northside Management District office 5305 Irvington Boulevard, Houston Thursday, October 25 Starlight Business Awards 6:00 [...]

2009 CDS Report

Executive Summary Current land use is predominantly single-family residential along with a sizeable industrial component. However, over a third of total acreage is vacant. Population growth is slower than that in Houston or Harris County. Retail space occupancy is currently stronger than in the overall Houston market – 97% vs. 84%. Industrial space occupancy is [...]

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